Welcome  to PaintSewGlueChew.com a UK based lifestyle blog.  If you stick around, you will find posts about cooking, baking, crafting, sewing design and all manner of things that I find interesting.

Some of my most popular posts are detailed below.  But feel free to go rogue, and wander around the site yourself.

I love chatting – Feel free to simply say hi.  Or drop me a comment in the box at the bottom. Let me know what you like…or even what you don’t like.

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2 Comments on “Home”

  1. Erin

    You genius! I just had a few minutes before we are off to airport and checking (as usual) very old emails! I absolutely love your website! Great captions and you are amazingly talented. Love all the ideas and snaps. Bravo, you!!!
    Big massive hug from your fan,
    Erin xoxo

    1. Diana

      Erin – you are tooooo too kind. Thankyou. Have a great holiday. Lets plan a meet up when kids go back to school.

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