Neon Star Bunting DIY

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Neon Star Bunting DIY

Neon Star Bunting DIY

Abbi is going through something of a flourescent phase.  She wanted some neon star bunting for her party.  I’m recognising that by this stage I am starting to look a bit of a bunting nut.  I promise this will be my last post on bunting for a while. (or I am likely to be tied in bunting and locked up for my own good).  But I cannot resist the request for some party decorations.Neon Star Bunting DIY


  • Fluorescent or neon paper (Paperchase has a great selection).
  • Black Thread
  • Star Paper cutter
  • Double sided tape
  • Sewing Machine


This garland needs to be double sided if its to have full impact.  For most colours this isn’t a problem  however for true fluorescent its almost impossible to find paper with the fluoro colour both sides.Neon Star Bunting DIYEither chose a different colour!  Or use double sided tape to stick two sheets together.Neon Star Bunting DIY

Neon Star Bunting DIYPaper ready, use a star punch to cut out loads of stars.Neon Star Bunting DIY Neon Star Bunting DIYNeon Star Bunting DIYOnce the stars are ready, its a simple job of feeding them through the sewing machine.  Its like a sausage machine for neon star bunting, and is hugely satisfying.Neon Star Bunting DIY If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can still make the star bunting.  Skip the stage where the sheets of paper are stuck together, and cut out the stars as before.Neon Star Bunting DIYUse double sided tape to sandwich them together with either black twine or thread in between.Neon Star Bunting DIYNeon Star Bunting DIY Neon Star Bunting DIYThese look especially good with a number all strung together.  I used them like this as the backdrop for our unmanned Photo Booth 13-unmannedThen finally they were recycled into gift wrap.

DianaNeon Star Bunting DIY