Neon Party Flyer

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Neon Party Flyer

Neon Party Flyer

Anyone whose spent more than about 5 minutes on this blog will know I am partial to a bit of Neon.Neon Party Flyer

I’m also a huge huge fan of fonts.  Is there a word for someone who collects fonts? (note Mr PSGC has suggested “saddo”, but I cant print what I have replied to this).

I love the fact that different messages can be conveyed with the same words simply by using different fonts, colours and sizes.   I  have a vast array of fonts on my computer that I never get a chance to use, so this afternoon I jumped at the chance to make this Neon party Flyer for the school leavers party.  Groovy Baby!

Design Software

I used the Pixelmator Software programme to make it. Its like a hybrid between powerpoint and a full blown version of Photoshop.  Its my favourite package for designing graphics and editing photos.  Im a complete novice, but I love playing on it.  What software do you use?



DianaNeon Party Flyer