Circus Runaway – DIY Trapeze


Circus Runaway

Circus Runaway DIY Trapeze

Following our trip to Gifford Circus recently ,  Abbi has decided she wanted to learn to be an acrobat and trapeze artist, so she can runaway and join the circus!
So to keep our circus runaway at home, a trapeze has been rigged up in the garden by Abbi and Mr PSGC.  By the way, I draw the line at sewing sequins on the school uniform!Circus Runaway DIY Trapeze
Not really a trapeze – more a wooden bar (branch) hanging from the tree.  Mr PaintSewGlueChew drilled a couple of holes – one in each end of the stick, around 1n inch and a half from the ends.  Thread a rope through the holes to make a triangle.
A broom handle would work equally well. (probably better!)
Circus Runaway DIY Trapeze

The Trapeze

A bit of a stretch to reach it.Circus Runaway DIY Trapeze But standing on tippy toes.Circus Runaway DIY Trapeze And clambering up.  How I wish I could lift my body weight up like this. Sigh.Circus Runaway DIY Trapeze Legs in. Circus Runaway DIY TrapezeCircus Runaway DIY Trapeze Circus Runaway DIY TrapezeAnd ta da!Circus Runaway DIY Trapeze

The Inspiration

The trapeze obsession came from a recent trip to the circus.  I am more than just a little bit obsessed with Circus things just now, which has inspired me to make this little circus art print:

Circus Runaway Print

Circus Runaway DIY TrapezeAnd hopefully the trapeze will keep our little acrobat and circus runaway at home a few more years.

DianaCircus Runaway – DIY Trapeze