Ipod Hand Painted Cushion DIY

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Ipod Hand Painted Cushion DIY

This ipod hand painted cushion was made for my son Jamie for his bedroom.   Personally I was quite pleased with how it turned out – and how it looked in his room. However he was not of the same opinion!  Apparently cushions are NOT, and never will be allowed in his bedroom.  Ah well, I’ll have to find another place for it.  It was very easy to make, if you want to make your own version.Hand Painted Cushion

Materials needed:

  • Cushion cover  (buy or  to make one see here)
  • Freezer paper
  • Fabric Paint
  • Craft Knife
  • Iron


It is possible to print directly on to the freezer paper, but I find 50% of the time it jams in my printer, so its easier just to cut from standard printer paper.

First choose an image or logo, and print it out on standard printer paper. Next cut out a template in the freezer paper using this logo. Wingdings fonts blown up to size work really well.

Iron this freezer paper template onto the front of the cushion or fabric, and paint over the gap with fabric paint. Wait for the paint to dry before finally peeling off the freezer paper.

The fabric I used has a sheen to it, which resulted in a bit of bleeding in the template – but not so much that the design is ruined.  Cotton fabric works best for crisp lines.


DianaIpod Hand Painted Cushion DIY