Handmade Name Stamp DIY

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Handmade Name Stamp DIY

As a little extra to Abbis friends for their birthdays, this week Abbi and I made personalised handmade name stamps to add to their gifts.

This is such an easy craft.  With the exception of the craft knife, Abbi could do all this pretty much herself. These are so much easier than carving our erasers, and they can be whizzed up in minutes.

A rummage in the pound store got us most of the supplies we needed:


  • Foam
  • Board to be the back of the stamp (I used nail buffers – 4 for £1)
  • Foam tape to secure both parts


We did a very crude mock up of “ABBI”  (she likes the bs back to back, Abba style) just to check it worked ok, and then took more care over her two friends:

For Abbis stamp, I just cut crudely with scissors – for Livvy and Lily, I used a craft knife.

You can mark out the words / shapes you want in pen the correct alignment.

They will be flipped over and secured to the stamp back to front.

Double sided foam tape secures the words on the pad (and elevates so you have less chance of the rectangular pad being printed).  I used this stuff from the pound store.

You could attach your foam words/shapes to blocks of wood, or anything flat and the right size.

I used these nail buffers, as they were the right size.  They are fine for Abbi and I to make our own crafts, but don’t look very pretty for a gift.   First I tried painting flouro pink – still looked a bit skanky, so then I just pulled the “File” “Buff” strips to use the pink under foam.  Not bad for 25p.

We made a few more simple shapes  cloud and raindrops,  hearts, stars etc, and a name for another friend who has a birthday coming up.

I couldn’t test out the gifts, as I want them to be nice and clean when we hand them over.

Add a stamp pad in a pretty colour, and the girls presents are good to go.

DianaHandmade Name Stamp DIY