Rainbow Loom Bands

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Rainbow Loom Bands

Rainbow Loom Bands

Abbi was given a rainbow loom and a bajillion loom bands for Christmas this year.  To say she has been prolific, would be an understatement.3-rainbow-loomz
We may be quite late to this craze, but Abbi is making up for lost time.    Some have already been given away to friends, but 19 were made in just over a week.  There are so many amazing tutorials out there on you tube.  This is such a cute craft for kids,a they can manage quite complicated and intricate designs without any supervision.

I haven’t shared any links on this post, as there are literally thousands of tutorials to choose from.

Abbi is running our of limbs to display hers on.

2-pinterestThis is a fabulous craze compared to some of the others that have cost us a fortune – animal onesies, mocha monsters and club penguin to name but a few.  Thousands of bands are only a few pounds.

These are Abbis favourite bands.4-rainbow-loomz She’s also been making pencil toppers for friends.pen-toppers And little critters – most are given away before I can snap them on my phone unfortunately.turtle

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