Art From Comics: An Easy Kids Art Project

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Art From Comics

Art From Comics: An Easy Kids Art Project

Jamie was given an art assignment at school for the Christmas holidays with the subject “Childhood”.  Unlike Abbi, he’s not usually confident (or enthusiastic) about art projects, but he very quickly decided he would make a picture of his old teddy bear, using art from comics.Art From Comics


  • Backing board or thick card
  • Comics
  • PVA glue
  • Paint

I had a stash of old Beano comics that I was planning for a furniture make over project, but was happy to hand them over.


First Jamie made a collage out of the catroon strips in the Beano comics, before painting the outline of his teddy bear in white.Art From ComicsI helped him with the bear outline, but he filled in the rest himself using browns and yellows.Art From Comics  Jamie is usually very self critical, and extremely reluctant to do anything “arty”. I think even he was quite proud of the result (though he’d never admit it). Art From ComicsPainting and crafts is usually something that I do with Abbi. Maybe I have converted Jamie with this project? A girl can dream.  Unlikely – all other attempts to get him to do something creative over the holidays were met with a stony rejection.

DianaArt From Comics: An Easy Kids Art Project