Easy Paper Birthday Banner

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Easy paper Birthday Banner

Easy Paper Birthday Banner

It was Mr PSGCs birthday this week.  Some men of (ahem) advancing years may wish to let their birthdays pass without much fanfare. Not Mr PSGC.  He commandeers an entire month – a couple of weeks either side of the “big day”, and any get together with family or friends is hailed as a celebration of his birthday.  We try to ignore this, and not encourage him any more than we have to.  But we are conflicted, as we love any opportunity to craft and get the banners out!    Abbi and I made this easy paper birthday banner for him to come down to on the morning of his birthday.Easy Paper Birthday Banner


  • Bright paper
  • Blue Tack
  • Scissors
Paperchase do a great notepad with around 8 different bright colours in it.  Perfect for a bright easy paper birthday banner.Easy Paper Birthday BannerCut freehand, or pencil in your letters whichever you are more comfortable with.  To make things really easy, leave the counters of the letters enclosed (the insides of the A,P and Y).
Easy Paper Birthday BannerEasy Paper Birthday BannerStick a few blobs of bluetac on the back of the letters. Easy Paper Birthday BannerAnd attach to a wall or window. Easy Paper Birthday Banner
 And add a few stars to jazz it up.Easy Paper Birthday Banner

Last year, Abbi and I made this cake that she jumped out of:   You can see the whole post of how we made it here.

DianaEasy Paper Birthday Banner