Birthday Countdown Balloon Pop

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Birthday Countdown Balloon Pop


As if anyone in PSGC towers could be unaware of Abbis impending birthday.  It has been her main topic of conversation – probably since Christmas.


Despite the fact that she is almost ready to explode anyway, I made a quick countdown calendar with balloons.
These heart shaped ones were in Tescos today I assume as a left over from halloween.
I filled each balloon with a small sweet  (tip: stick them in the freezer first, as they will push down the neck of the balloon without squashing like mine did!)



I had 6 balloons….but one exploded in my face (ouch)….luckily there are 4 days until her birthday, so it was obviously meant to be.




Sadly my camera skills not quite up to catching the actual explosion, but check out the expression on Abbis face.


I am so jaded about birthdays now, and have to do the quick finger count to remember how old I actually am (which the kids think is hilarious).  I can almost remember being excited about them, so its very nice to feed off Abbis enthusiasm.
DianaBirthday Countdown Balloon Pop