How to Make a Pig Piñata

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How to Make a Pig Piñata

Abbi is currently obsessed with all things piggy.   Especially Micro pigs.  She talks about pigs all the time, and even has her own pinterest board for all things micro piggy.

It was her birthday last week, and she has been dropping not so subtle hints since last year that she wants a pig for her birthday.  It not happening.  No really Abbi we aren’t pretending.  Its not happening.

We did however go for a pig themed party. 

In preparation, we made our own pig Piñata.  Because second to pigs, she probably likes large amounts of sweets!

This was quite time consuming to make – but in a fairly therapeutic repetitive task way.

First blow up your balloon.  Cover in strips of newspaper and pva glue (modge podge)   You need about 3-4 layers for a piñata.  Enough that it retains its shape -but not so much that the kids will be bashing it for 5 hours to split it.



Next we gave our pig some “features”  Legs, eyes, nose, ears and tail.  We used tin foil to fashion a shape for each of the feature, packing tape to cover (the papier mache sticks better on the tape than the tin foil), and then a couple of layers of paper to stick to the pig.   Photos of step by step on each the features is at the bottom of this post.

We painted him fluorescent pink (he looks a little sunburned), cut a small hole in the top for sweets, and there he is ready to party.

He was in our kitchen for about 10 days before the party, and I became rather fond of him.  It was a bit sad to see the girls smashing him to pieces at the weekend.

But that was what he was bred to do.  The circle of life!


Btw….I should have factored in a rope or fixing within the paper mache for hanging him up.  We only realised at the last minute, but improvised with a pink packing tape belt!

Here are the step by step photos of how we made the features.  Hopefully they are self explanatory, but if not and you are wanting to make a pig, feel free to ping me a message.

Piggy Snout:

Piggy Legs:

Piggy Tail

Piggy Ears:
DianaHow to Make a Pig Piñata