Pass The Pig Party Game

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Pass The Pig Party Game


Abbi is completely obsessed with micro pigs just now.  Despite being 9 going on 10, she is also a passionate party planner.  I think she has been planning her birthday party for at least 10 months.
And now the party is upon us….D Day is Saturday.
She wants an old fashioned party with traditional party games.
We have tried to give them a traditional twist:


Pass the Parcel becomes Pass the Pig.  Everyone gets a chocolate, and a forfeit.  (Jamie was particularly fiendish in suggesting forfeits).


The total no we need layed out first…..So many times I have started wrapping, and lost count of how many layers I have done.   The top layer and final layer are wrapped like a pig – the layers in between newspaper.   So much wrapping….so glad Abbi is old enough to do this herself now.



The final layer has a few piggie accessories. Check out that curly tail!

3 days and counting to party…..

DianaPass The Pig Party Game