Pop Art Canvas Marmite Jar From Recycled Paint Chip Cards

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Pop Art Canvas Marmite Jar  From Recycled Paint Chip Cards

The strap line for Marmite has always been “Love it or Hate it”.
To be honest, I am fairly ambivalent to the taste. I like it with cheesy toast, but find a little goes a long way.  I am however very drawn to its visual branding.
Its very pop art and perfect for high impact art projects.
I made a giant canvas out of Dulux colour samples.  Its about 2m high, and took me an entire summer a few year back.
It lives in an alcove in the sitting room (aren’t those orange chairs fab).  The walls are entirely white in this room, so it needs some bright artwork to brighten it up.
I kept the sample names and the gluey marks, as it adds an authentic “Im not a print” look to the canvas.
Its one of my favourite ever makes.   Apart from the laboriousness of cutting and glueing it was incredibly satisfying and easy to do.



Have you made any art from recycled materials?  Id love to hear about them.
DianaPop Art Canvas Marmite Jar From Recycled Paint Chip Cards