How to Freeze Rice Safely

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How to freeze rice

I love rice, but find it can be a pain to make midweek, when we are knee deep in after school activities and homework.

I will be trying to help (usually unsuccessfully) with conjugated verbs, or times tables and get distracted – leading to the rice fusing to the bottom of the pan yet another time.

Its not worth the effort to make small amounts, but we don’t necessarily want it two nights on the trot.  I have started making double (or treble) quantities.  I will then freeze rice into individual portions.

Along with a frozen extra portions of chilli, curry or casserole, I can have hungry kids fed in minutes.

How to freeze rice safely

It really doesn’t require instructions as such:

1.  Measure out your rice and cook according to your usual method.   For best result keep a bit of “bite” to the rice.

2.  Bacteria present in rice multiplies really quickly at room temperature, so make sure you cool it quickly after cooking.

There are a couple of methods to cool the rice quickly:

  • Drain the rice, and run really cold water through a colander, string to make sure the rice in the centre is fully cooled.  This is my preferred method as far less washing up!
  • Or – Spread the cooked rice on a flat tray, and place in the fridge until cold.

Once the rice is completely cold, divide into portions, and place in freezer bags or plastic containers.

I like these sealable bags, as they are a few pence each, and you can pat the rice flat in the bag for easy storage in the freezer.  Don’t forget to write the date it was frozen, and the type of rice if you use different rice grains!


instructions for freezing rice

To avoid food poisoning, the rice needs to be defrost and reheated thoroughly before using.   I put in the microwave on full (in the bag) for around 60 seconds to defrost.  If you don’t have (or dint like using a microwave).  The rice can be defrosted in the fridge for an hour before cooking, and the rice can be plunged into boiling water for a few minutes before draining and serving.

Either way, make sure its piping hot before serving.

Freeze rice instructions

DianaHow to Freeze Rice Safely