Thai Green Curry Recipe

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Thai green curry recipe


Thai Green Curry Recips


Thai green curry is one of the favourites in our family.  And this can be ready in less time than it would take to call a takeaway.  Given that my eldest son (a takeaway fanatic)  can have the phone dialled in 15 seconds, that’s possibly exaggerating.  but its certainly easily and quick enough to whip up mid week.


  • 2 medium onions chopped finely plus oil for softening
  • 4 medium chicken breasts cubed, or equivalent chicken thighs
  • mushrooms
  • 4 teaspoons curry paste  (Additional chilli depending upon how hot you like it)
  • green beans
  • 1 pint coconut milk or creamed coconut.


Slice and dice the onions finely and soften in a drop of oil or butter.

I like to let them stew down to an onion paste, as it give the curry a creamy texture and thickens it without having to add flour, but this is optional.


Cut your chicken into pieces and brown on a hot heat.  Once browned, sauté the mushrooms in the pan to lift the juices.  Mushrooms are obviously not authentic to thai green curry, but I use them to pad the curry out a bit.  These can be left out if you prefer.


I use Barts creamed coconut – 1 sachet makes around 1 pint of milk


Add this and your curry paste to the chicken and mushrooms.


I have made curry paste from scratch before, but actually I find these pastes from Waitrose are a pretty good alternative, especially if you are in a hurry.    I add around 1 teaspoon per chicken breast.  For this brand, it gives a mild kick, but not overpowering.  Add extra fresh green chilli to your taste.  Or by all means make your own paste –  its definitely nicer and more flavoursome, but it does use quite a few ingredients.


Just prior to serving, blanch a couple of handfuls of green beens in boiling water, before draining and throwing in the curry.

I leave the green beans to the last, as they tend to go off colour of they are left in the curry for too long.

Serve over steamed jasmine or basmati rice.

This Thai green curry tastes great the following day, or can also be frozen.  If you freeze – Don’t add the beans.  They can be added when you reheat.


DianaThai Green Curry Recipe