Personalised Gift Wrap: Hand Printed with Name

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Personalised Gift Wrap: Hand Printed with Name

We have been wanting to make personalised gift wrap for a while.   One of Abbis best friends – Lulu has a birthday on the 1st January.  Hurrah.  The perfect opportunity to break out the stamps! We always feel a little sorry for Lulu, as her birthday is overshadowed by Christmas…..(and hangovers on the first).  Ok no hangover for her obviously.  She’s 10!personalised-lulu-giftwrap-pinterest

We decided to make her a little birthday countdown with one gift a day (as many handmade as possible) and sweets from the 1st of December until her birthday.  As part of the gift, we made this personalised gift wrap to wrap the little parcels.


  • Large sheet of white paper (we used wallpaper lining paper)
  • Name stamp*
  • Ink Pad
*Instructions for how to make the name stamp are here.

Instructions to make stamps for personalised gift wrap


Stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp all over the paper. And repeat.  Couldn’t really be simpler.  A random design is perfect.

Name stamped Giftwrap diy

We added a little green star stamp as well for contrast.

Giftwrap with personalised name

And there you are.  So easy.  Personalised gift wrap – And no need for a gift tag!

Hand printed gift wrap instructions

DianaPersonalised Gift Wrap: Hand Printed with Name