Over 120 Awesome Gift Wrap Ideas

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Awesome Gift wrap ideas

Awesome Gift wrap ideas

The year has gone far too quickly for my liking, but there’s no denying that in 12 days time, we will be into December.

To give you a jump start on Christmas – over the next 12 days, I’m sharing some gorgeous, creative and inspirational ideas for wrapping gifts that Ive found on the internet this year.

Day 1 – Handmade and hand printed gift wrap

Day 2 – Recycled materials gift wrap

Day 3 – Washi tape gift wrap

Day 4 – Kids themes wrapping ideas

Day 5 – Animals and faces gift wrapping

Day 6 – Craft (brown) paper 

Day 7 – Brights and neon wrapping ideas – Scheduled Nov 25th

Day 8 – Neutrals – Scheduled Nov 26th

Day 9 – Plants & flowers – Scheduled Nov 27th

Day 10 – Embellishments – Scheduled Nov 28th

Day 11 – Celebration events – Scheduled Nov 29th

Day 12 – Unusual Ideas – Scheduled Nov 30th

Hopefully there’s something there to suit all tastes.  Maybe you’d like to subscribe so you don’t miss a post.

I also collate a group gift wrap board on Pinterest “Its a Wrap”.  If you want to contribute to that, please drop me a note.

DianaOver 120 Awesome Gift Wrap Ideas