Painted Vase DIY

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Painted Vase DIY

Painted Vase DIY

Painted Vase DIYGreat news:  One of the best shapes and sizes for this painted vase DIY is a large nuttela jar.

Yay!  Great excuse to break out the chocolately spread whenever you feel like it. (As if an excuse was required).

These are perfect for gifting a simple bunch of flowers cut from my garden – though as I’m not the most green fingered, I often supplement with flowers or foliage that I’ve bought.

Giving flowers in a ready made vase means your host doesn’t have to stop and look for a vase if they are in the middle of cooking.  They are also perfect for new home when vases may still be in the packing boxes, or new baby – when you receive lots of flowers at the same time.

Materials and tools required:

  • Jam jar -washed and dried.  Any largish jar is fine, but the nuttela ones with their flatish sides are perfect to embellish.
  • Paint and brush or sponge for applying
  • Masking tape

Painted vase idea1. Paint the jar all over with paint.  The picture above shows enamel paint – but the coverage wasn’t great.  I actually used a tin of light grey emulsion from a recent kitchen makeover.  It worked perfectly for what I wanted.

2. Use masking tape to lay out the pattern you want (or use stencils if you prefer)idea for painted vase3. Paint in the patternNutella jar ideas4. Once dry, carefully remove the masking tape.  This is a favourite activity in our house.  It is quite satisfying in bubble wrap popping kind of way.

painted vase ideasThe finished vase:Painted vase diy5. Optionally, you can add a tag….

New Home gift ideahe flowers are a cheap bunch of brassica for £3, supplemented with with a few bits and pieces from my garden.Ideas for painted vase diy6. Add some twine and raffia in a coordinating colour to attach the tag,  And the flowers are ready to gift.

How do you paint a vase diy

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