Brioche Tart with Pear and Blackberry

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Pear Blackberry and Brioche tart

Brioche Tart with Pear and Blackberry

This easy but delicious brioche tart with pear and blackberry is adapted from Mary Berrys apricot brioche tart, in her cook now eat later book.  Its perfect for entertaining, as it can all be prepared in advance and finished off just before you are ready to serve.Brioche Tart with Pear and BlackberryI’ve adjusted Mary’s recipe – substituting the apricots for pears and scavenged blackberries.  Both versions get wolfed down in our family.


  • Brioche (sliced 2 cm deep)
  • Eggs
  • Caster Sugar
  • Ground almonds
  • Marscapone Cheese
  • Pears
  • Blackberries
  • Demerara Sugar

1.  Butter your dish, and line with slices of brioche cut to about 2cm deep

Brioche Tart with Pear and BlackberryIMG_11852.  Add the eggs, marscapone and sugar to a bowlIMG_11883. Whisk to a creamy custard consistencyIMG_11904. Add the ground almonds and stir to the mixtureIMG_12235. Pour the mixture over the sliced brioche  – go right up to the edges.IMG_12246. Add the sliced pearsBrioche Tart with Pear and BlackberryThese were our foraged blackberries.  We collected at least double this amount, but these are the only ones that made it home safely!!IMG_1221And the thievery continued….. 
Brioche Tart with Pear and Blackberry7. Sprinkle the demerara sugar over the fruit.  This will help to creat a slight brûlée effect on the fruitBrioche Tart with Pear and Blackberry

8. Bake in a hot oven

I completely forgot to photograph the next few stages…..(we were too bust scoffing).

Serve with cream, ice-cream, creme frais depending upon how decadent you feel!

Luckily there were some left overs……and this tart is also great the next day – cold, room temperature or heat through a slice in the oven for 10 mins.

This was my guilty morning after breakfast!

Brioche Tart with Pear and Blackberry

Brioche Tart with Pear and Blackberry

DianaBrioche Tart with Pear and Blackberry