Birthday Banner DIY

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Birthday Banner DIY

Birthday Banner DIYLast year, two of Abbis friends had a roller disco party.  “Wear neon” was the request.  Here at Paint Sew Glue Chew Towers we don’t need to be asked twice to break out the headache inducing colours. So birthday banner and gift wrap were themed accordingly.

As an alternative to birthday cards, we made a bright scroll birthday banner for each of the girls.  From start to finish, this took us about 30 minutes, using scraps we had around the house.

We cut a large sheet of watercolour paper into strips, and taped together to get the length we wanted. (standard A4 or A3 printer paper, though not as thick would be fine).  I didn’t measure, but these are about 10cm x 100cm, but obviously the size will be determined by the length of your message.

Cut strips of paper into the sizes of the letters so they are all approx the same height.  Its worth laying out the colours in advance, so that you don’t cut the letter and end up with the same colour on adjacent letters.


I helped Abbi cut out the letters free form.  I like the rough and ready look, and just wing it with the scissors without drawing out first.

If you want a more precise look – print out on a sheet of paper, and cut out using the printed letters as a guide.  My current font obsession are fonts with the character is filled in (i.e. where the inside of an A,O,B etc is full).  My favourite examples of these are Peach Milk and Blackout.

IMG_5924Place all letters in place first, then glue down, an add stars, hearts, any other shapes you like.


Sit back and admire your handiwork.  (Don’t you wish you were as supple as a ten year old girl)


We added handles (bbq skewers) to our scroll.  Taped on using this fluorescent duck tape.

Fold over and trim the edges…..



Add some garish neon accessories, and you are ready to go!


We also wrapped the presents up in DIY neon paper.  Click through for instructions.




DianaBirthday Banner DIY