Thankyou Letter

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Thankyou Letter

Thankyou Letter

Thankyou LetterEarlier this month, it was my sons birthday.  He turned 13.  A teenager.

To be fair he has been practicing for this roll for at least 2 years.  In my 13 years as a parent, I have been made well aware:

  • Teenagers like hard cash.
  • They do not like writing thankyou letters.

As I am still in charge of the fridge  and the wifi password (for the time being anyway) my children have to write thank you letters when they receive a gift.

My dad (awesome grandparent that he is) fully understands that a large cheque and removal of the onerous task of putting pen to paper will be very gratefully received.

Included within the birthday card this year, was an envelope stamped and addressed , with a pre written thank you card.  It made us all laugh so much, I had to share.

Thankyou Letter Idea

I have had a lifetime of deciphering my dads handwriting (though this is better than most of his notes).  In case you do not have an enigma code to hand – I have translated it here:

Dear Grandpa and Jan

Thankyou for my birthday present.  I may use it to buy a copy of Ciceros writings in the original latin, or else for a downpayment to a Manchester United season ticket or maybe put it towards a silencer for my Smith and Weston pistol.  Whatever.

I hope you will both have a nice holiday in Germany.

Yours faithfully



(Needless to say its about 50% longer than if my son had actually written it himself!).

Even better….know what I am like, inside the card he wrote  “Don’t let mum stop you from using it!”

Funny Thankyou letter

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