Waffle Sandwich

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Waffle Sandwich

Waffle SandwichThis waffle sandwich is made using a standard waffle iron.

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For my birthday this year, amongst other things, my kids and Mr PSGC gave me a waffle iron.  How kind.

I’m pretty sure I told them I didn’t need (or want) a waffle iron, but that didn’t seem to matter.  It was handed over on birthday morning…..with a request for waffles!   Hmmm.   Im starting to question if this gift was really for me.

Actually I have toyed with the idea of getting a waffle iron, but was concerned about the temptation to gorge ourselves on waffles every weekend.

Particularly as my children do not subscribe to the less is more school of waffle dressing.  In fact they like to test the laws of physics and engineering, cramming as much as possible onto the waffle foundations bellow.  The waffle is seen as a vehicle for containing and transferring as much nutella, sugar, syrup, strawberries, and cream (in various combinations) from plate to open mouth.

So….. waffles will have to be a once a month treat at most.  Sorry kids.  I was keen to find other uses for this piece of kit – and so in the absence of an old fashioned toast machine, we gave the waffle iron a chance to prove itself more than a one trick pony.


The key to waffle sarnies we have discovered, is to put the cheese on the outside.  Yes you heard me.  Controversial or what?  Heat up the waffle iron.  There is no need to coat the plates with oil or fat, and place the cheese directly on the hot plates.  It will start to sizzle.


We used ready to bake bread, as its soft, crustless, and thick. (And we had some in the cupboard).  We will experiment with other breads types and shapes / sizes in due course. (Brioche works pretty well too as does think white bloomer).

Cut the bread, and place 1 half upside down on the cheese.


IMG_9300We added salami (we’ve added ham before, and pretty much any deli meat would be fine.).  Or if you want classic –  they are pretty delicious just with cheese.

Ive used mature cheddar here, but red leicester, provolone etc would all work well.  Its got to be a cheese that goes crispy when charred on the grip –  runny brie, goats cheese etc would just get messy.


Place the second slice of bread (also upside down), and top with cheese.    No need to make it look pretty, the cheese will soak in to the bread and crisp up.


Squeeze the waffle iron grills together and leave for around 5 minutes.  depending on your cheese, some of the fat from the cheese collects in the outer rim of the grill.  this gets insanely hot, so keep little fingers out the way.

The bread and cheese goes deliciously crispy on the outside, but stays soft and chewy on the inside.   It looks just like a savoury waffle.

Waffle toaster sandwichesIt was declared a hit by my son (high praise indeed), who even consented to be photographed.

Grilled cheese in a waffle iron

…..from the chin down!

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These were a great hit – they are likely to be our go to summer snack.  Can’t wait to try other fillings.

Next on the list sausage and onion with cheddar and pepperonata and olives with red leicester.  What fillings would you try?

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