Recycling Ideas. Tin cans transformed into serving dishes.

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Recycling Ideas. Tin cans transformed into serving dishes.

According to Mr PSGC, recycling tin cans into serving dishes is evidence that I have finally lost my marbles!   (but that would mean that I once had marbles).  I will admit, this craft is really just for people with far too much time on their hands.  Crafters anonymous anyone?

Recycling Ideas. Tin cans transformed into serving dishes.

We threw a dinner party for some friends who got married in Vegas last summer.  I wanted some quirky touches to differentiate from other dinner parties we had thrown.  I wanted loose vegas theme-ing to the party (more posts to follow), but still wanted to keep it stylish.  And yes Mr PSGC tin cans can be stylish!

It was a pretty loose theme…..but these tin cans were perfect for some kitsch smoked mackerel pate starters.  You can get the recipe I use here.

This is my favourite type of craft.  5 minutes to make, largely recycled, and can be customised for any colour, theme you want.  Though admittedly to get the tins, we ate a lot more baked beans than we usually do!!

To prepare the tins: Take a small tin. (I used 200g baked bean tins.  Tuna tins and sardine tins would also work really well).

Wash thoroughly and remove the label.Recycled tin can ideasYou need to use a tin with a ring pull / tab, to get a clean edge.  These tins have a blunt top, but a sharp edge where the lid is removed.Recycled tin can project

To make the rim safe to use, take a pair of pliers, and crimp the sharp edge either up or down against the side.

IMG_1415For the labels, you can use any paper that you want (you could make on the computer and print out).  For speed, I just used water colour paper.

First a wash of blue (spot the old paint colour sample).

IMG_1429Add a few more colours….

IMG_1430And trim to size.  Measure the height of the tin between the two rims.  For the length, measure the circumference, and add an inch of overlap.  Its worth marking your overlap point in pencil on the paper, so that you can centre your design.

Use a guillotine to get nice crisp edges.

Make your own serving dishesTo decorate, I just wrote the contents on the labels with felt tip pen.  You could be far more creative  – (name of the guests, graphics etc.)recycling ideas: Serving dish DIY craft

How to make your own dishesTo attach to the tins, I used double sided tape, and wrapped around.  Ta da.recycling ideas  Recycled tin can craftsThe tins can have the labels removes and be thrown in the dishwasher to be recycled…(or much to Mr PSGC dismay) saved to be reused!   I’d love to hear any other recycling ideas you have for tin cans.

DianaRecycling Ideas. Tin cans transformed into serving dishes.