Paint Chip Banner DIY

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Paint chip banner

Paint Chip Banner DIY

My daughter has been away on a school trip all week – and while I missed her like mad, I was pretty sure she will have been kept so busy, she won’t have given us a second thought.

We also have builders in re doing our sitting room and dining room (the electrician today) – he’s keeps switching off all the electrics downstairs (and for most of the day), so I needed a non electricity dependent activity while waiting in for a delivery. (Aaaargh no internet)

What else would would you do with half an hour, but make a welcome home paint chip banner?Paint Chip Banner DIYFirst choose your colours – I told the guy behind the desk at B&Q what I was planning, (he definitely thought I was mad), but was happy with me to take 20+ samples, provided I didn’t take more than 1 of each colour.paint chip craft ideasI used thick black paper to make the letters – more pliable than card, and a great contrast to the rainbow paint chips.

Cut into strips….IMG_4527……and then into approximately even rectangles.  This will make it far easier to cut out the letters free form.IMG_4528I am a huge fan of fonts where the “counter” (the enclosed or partially enclosed space within a font) is filled in.  This makes cutting out letters so easy.  And because Im so lazy, I went one step further and didn’t even cut out the M&W.DIY paper crafts Easy paper craftsI used photo mounts to fix the letters to the paint chips – perfectly sized little double sided squares make it really quick to attach the rainbow banner Then attached to string.  You could punch holes in the paint chips and string them through, but I used these little silver clothes pegs.IMG_4536Easy DIY bannerpaint chip banner instructionsAnd ta daa!  here they are strung up.

I originally intended to put all in the same line (as pictures above), but the weight of the cards made them droop too much).

If you do all in one line, its worth inserting a blank card to break up the words and make them more readable. 
DIY paint chip banner instructions To fix to the wall I used strips of coloured wash tape.IMG_4548 IMG_4549 Rainbow banner diy

DianaPaint Chip Banner DIY