Gold Party Decorations

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Party decorations

Gold Party Decorations

This summer my daughter graduated from primary school.  She’s my youngest, so this really feels like the end of an era.  I made most of the decorations for the party, many of which I have previously blogged about.

The venue of the party is the school itself, which has a decidedly institutional in feel.  And the budget is meagre to say the least, so a heavy dose of crafting and making do is required to make the spaces feel pretty.

I used gold card (from recycled cheese cracker boxes) to make these gold party decorations.  The letters were cut out and put on the mirrors in the girls bathroom.  The girls could take selfies in the mirror, but the letters will still be the correct way round.

Unfortunately I was so busy at the party I forgot to take pictures in location, or during the party – though I saw a few on my daughters friends instagram feeds!  (I will try and get some copies).

And I’m so glad that the girls don’t take themselves too seriously!  When I went to clear up at the end of the night, the letters were all rearranged to make different words.

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Gold Party Decorations

DianaGold Party Decorations