Trouser Hanger Picture Hook

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Trouser hanger Picture Hook

Trouser Hanger Picture Hook

Abbis room is a strange shape.  She is up in the eaves of our old Victorian London house – most of the ceiling and walls are sloping, which makes for a great quirky space, but its also difficult to hang pictures.

She is a girl after my own heart, who likes to ring the changes in terms of decor, so I made this trouser hanger picture hook, so she could easily change up the pictures on the wall, without using blue tac or pins.

Trouser Hanger Picture Hook

Materials needed:

  • Trouser hanger (these can be found on Amazon)
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint


First sand down the hanger with fine sandpaper to remove all the varnish.IMG_4490I’m painting mine in neon red.  I find you need a good base of white when using these colours, to get a decent coverage on the final coat.IMG_4491 I’m only painting the outer edge and the rim, as the inside has a soft felt strip that protects the trousers (and your picture).IMG_4494 This is my neon red.  Regular visitors to this site will know I’m slightly obsessed with neon colours for Abbis room.IMG_4497 Then as a contrast, I’ve painted the ridges in black.IMG_4499 Simply sandwich the picture between the leaves.  Abbi is hanging this poster of her former classmates that I made here for now, but it will be easy for her to change it to anything.IMG_4504She has already requested a couple of posters!

This would be a great way to display children’s artwork.  You could paint each childs name on the hooks, so they can choose their own favourite piece to be displayed. Its also a great way to hang pictures in a rental property, when you’ve got one eye firmly on getting your deposit back!

What would you hang?  Id love to hear.  Or do you have any interesting ways to display artworks?  let me know.

DianaTrouser Hanger Picture Hook