Felt and Appliqué Christmas Stockings

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Easy Home Made Felt and Appliqué Christmas Stockings

I made these Christmas Stockings back in 2010 (before I created this blog).  But they are still going strong, and get pulled out every year.  I didn’t take photos of the process, but they are so easy, the instructions should be enough to follow the process.


  • Felting material (or other robust fabric)
  • Scraps of patterned material  (or felt of you plan to glue on the letters / decoration)
  • Bias tape
  • Ribbon
  • Sewing machine and or glue gun + needle and thread.
  • Pins
  • Scissors


First cut out two identical shapes of stocking.  It needs to be wide enough at the ankle to get plenty of pressies inside!  Its worth drawing out full size on paper or newspaper to get the shape you want.



Fold of the felt fabric to double and pin in place to avoid movement.  If you feel confident just cut out the shape, being careful to make sure both shapes are the same.

Alternatively  you can use a paper pattern  – just size up a stocking shape on your printer.  (Or draw it out on a pice of newspaper to get the size / shape you want).

On one of the pieces, sew or glue on letters and pictures.  the parcels are just 4 sided shapes, with a strip for ribbon and two bunny ear shapes for the bow.  All very easy.

Once your decoration is in place, sew your bias tape along the top of each stocking.

Then turn the two stocking pieces together with the name and picture on the inside (i.e. the stocking will be inside out.

Place a piece of ribbon doubled over at one end with a piece on either side of the felt pieces.

And sew the whole lot up, keeping the bias taped edges unsewn obviously.  I always sew straight up  – as Im lazy, and as you can see from my pics that the sewing is pretty rough and ready.

If you are less sure, or want a more perfect finish, by all means pin and tack the pieces together first.

IMG_3528 This felt/blanket fabric is ideal for these, as it holds its shape.  Also it doesn’t fray, so you don’t need to sew round the seams.

Any robust fabric will work well -or line a thinner fabric with the iron on backing fabric to give it rigidity.

IMG_3529 Use a sewing machine to do the appliqué, or if you dont have a machine glueing felt pieces to the stocking.  Hand sewing is a possibility, but would be very time consuming.IMG_3530 My kids love these stockings, and they have very much become a family tradition.IMG_3558The kids get giant stockings.  Mr PSGC and I have slightly more modest lists for Santa.
IMG_3560 Just enough space for some sweets and a smelly candle.  – Or the keys to a brand new mercedes maybe?  A girl can dream can’t she.IMG_3561 IMG_3562

DianaFelt and Appliqué Christmas Stockings