Hand Drawn Thank You Letters

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Hand Drawn Thank You Letter

Hand Drawn Thank You Letter

It’s that time of year. The presents are all opened, the crackers have all been popped, and if you are anything like our family you will be trying to prise your children away from an array of electronic gadgets.  Its not very trendy I know ( or popular with the kids), but I am one of those mums that still insists that a thank you letter be sent out for birthday and christmas gifts.  I made these hand drawn ones with matching addressed envelopes, that I thought I would share.

Thankyou letterIt helps that we have a small family, and only a few letters to send out.  I’m not great a drawing, but I find two contrasting tones of pen make even the roughest design look quite effective.  
Merci CardAdding  touch of gold or silver classes up the look.  Handmade card But this is my current favourite design.  I love the colours, and the writing takes only a few minutes.Mucho GraciasNow I just have to get the kids to write something inside!!

Do you or your kids still write thank you letters?  Or do you think they are outdated and a text will do?  Id love to hear your thoughts.

DianaHand Drawn Thank You Letters