Flag Bunting in 15 minutes

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Flag Bunting

15 Minute Flag Bunting DIY

15 Minute Flag Bunting DIY

It’s no secret  that I like to “bunt” whenever possible.  So It won’t have been much of a stretch to guess I wasn’t going to let Abbis birthday a few weeks ago pass without a little bit of homemade hanging party decor!

To paraphrase Julia Child ” A party without bunting is just a gathering”Julia Child QuotesI stumbled on this pretty craft paper in the discount bin of Sainsburys, and it matched perfectly the plates I already had from a different shop as well as  the party glasses I blogged about last week.  The retail gods were truly smiling on me!


  • Multi coloured craft paper  (ideally at least 5-6 different patterns looks random)
  • Black card or paper
  • Double sided tape (and photo mounts if you have them)
  • String or thread

IMG_0152My sheets were 9cm square, so I cut them into 3cm wide strips.  The Paper cutter is optional obviously but does mean you can do many sheets in a minute or two, with perfect straight edges.IMG_0153Cut these strips again into squares, and fold over 5mm on each square.IMG_6315For each square, make a small pencil mark approximately 5mm from the edge, an the middle of the long side, and cut a V shape out of the square.
IMG_6321Place a small piece of double sided tape over each crease.  Place the thread or string along the crease leaving gaps between the flags as you go.

Remove the double sided backing, pressing the two sides of the paper together to make the flag.Bunting instructionsIt’s possible to make many (many many) metres of this flag bunting in around 5-10 minutes.  Don’t forget to leave a bit of extra string at each end for tying up / securing in  place.Flag Bunting DIYTo add letters, and personalise the bunting takes another 5 10 minutes depending upon how long your greeting is.

To make it easier for myself, I made the worded flags slightly bigger (these sheets were cut into 4.5cm squared (4 per sheet).  Same process as above.Easy bunting diyI then took a sheet of black card, and cut into rectangles so that all the letters are approximately the same height (making sure the letters would all fit on the sized of flags)IMG_0164Cutting really roughly, I  used scissors to make letters.  You could print these out using any font if you prefer, but I’m a big fan of this rustic look.Bunting InstructableUse the foam 3D photo mounts (or double sided tape), put a fixer on the back of the letter, and attach to the flag bunting.  I did this stage before I strung the letters, but you can do after if you prefer.How do I make buntingString the flag bunting up, and just add a party!Happy Birthday BuntingI surprised Abbi with these on the morning of her birthday before school.  Apologies for the horrid picture, it was really dark in the kitchen.
DIY BuntingNo prizes for guessing how old she is.   A ridiculous haul of gifts as well.
Bunting ideasI was pleased with how pretty it all looked together.
Pretty party decor
Flag Bunting

15 minute bunting DIY


DianaFlag Bunting in 15 minutes