Nutella t-shirt easy DIY craft.

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Nutella t-shirt

Nutella t-shirt easy DIY craft.

Nutella T-Shirt

Some of the residents of PaintSewGlueChew towers are big fans of the ubiquitous chocolate spread!   I’m combining Abbis love of Nutella with my love of making random things that we don’t need, to create  ta da…..the nutella t-shirt.

I can’t actually take credit for the words,  I saw something similar as a post on Facebook (or twitter or instagram). So I’ve basically stolen it, added a badly drawn jar of nutella, slapped it on a t-shirt and called it my own.

This craft idea is barely a post, as the nutella t-shirt took less than 10 minutes to make.  In fact its probably taken me longer to down load the photos than it did to make, but it got quite a lot of love when I shared it on instagram, so I’m sharing it here too.


  • Blank T in any shape or style
  • Puffy paint in contrasting colour

If you aren’t confident about writing free hand, you could follow the approach I used for the Taylor Swift T-shirt by using a light coloured t shirt and putting paper underneath to copy.  Alternatively you could put masking tape to keep your lines straight.  I tend to just go for it, although I will usually draft it out on  apiece of paper to make sure I get the spacing right.

The puffy paints come in all sorts of colours and a few different textures.  I find all of them good, and really easy to use.  It starts to get slightly more difficult to keep and even flow as you up the paint.  Make sure you keep an even pressure on the bottle, or you end up with gloopy blows, or blank spaces.

For me, the beauty of shirts like this nutella t-shirt is that they are hand made – so I don’t care too much about making them look professional/factory made.  Abbi likes that they are unique, and that none of her friends have them.

To be honest I wasn’t paying too much attention when I was making it, and was trying to do about 6 things at once. I realised as soon as I’d made the Nutella t-shirt that I had made a mistake.

Yikes!  It was meant to say ” You can’t solve everyones problems you are not Nutella”  I accidentally added an extra “A” before Nutella.  Luckily I was able to squeeze “jar of” in the gap.  But I know I can trust you to keep a secret.  Shhh don’t tell anyone.handmade t-shirt ideasAbbi loves it, and the blank T only cost a couple of pounds.nutella ideasLet me know if you or someone you know is as obsessed with nutella as Abbi – or What brands would you draw and wear emblazoned on a t-shirt? I’d love to hear from you.

DianaNutella t-shirt easy DIY craft.