The ultimate molten chocolate pudding

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Molten Chocolate Pudding

The Ultimate Molten Chocolate Pudding

The ultimate molten chocolate puddingMolten chocolate pudding is in my opinion the absolute King of puddings.  Chocolate Lava Cake, chocolate fondant.  It doesn’t matter what you call them, the combination of chocolate sponge that yields to rich oozing melted chocolate in the middle is pudding gold.  I have yet to meet anyone, even devout chocolate haters (apparently they do exist) that don’t wolf these down.

The recipe I use is from the Marcus Wareing book “How to Cook”   I highly recommend it – every recipe is a winner.

I use the basic ratios in the book but I find the volume too small for my pots, which must be wider than the ones he uses. Mine end up looking a bit stingy, and lack the wow factor if they are wide and flat.  The pots I use are the standard pudding bowl available at most cook shops (disposable versions available too).


  • 5 eggs
  • 5 additional egg yolks
  • 300g caster sugar
  • 225g good quality dark chocolate (min 70% cocoa solids)
  • 225g softened butter
  • 115g sifted flour

You will also need little metal pots or pudding bowls, greaceproof paper and additional melted butter for lining them.IMG_0045The faffy part of making these I find is prepping the pots to cook them with.

I’m not going to lie, this is a bit of a pain, but I tend to make these puds for high days and holidays, so I usually line the pots the day before, and keep them in the fridge.  (They would actually keep like this for a few days).

Please could someone invent an easier way of lining tiny pots.

To line the pots:  Cut a little disc the size of the bottom for each pot, and two strips about the same depth of the pots.IMG_0048 Melt a little butter to stick them on.IMG_0049I’m a bit sad, as I find repetitive tasks like this quite satisfying.
IMG_0050The actual recipe for the molten chocolate puddings could not be easier.  Its a combination of only 5 ingredients – largely thrown in a bowl and whisked together.


Once your pots are lined, the first thing to do is separate the eggs. Don’t throw the egg whites away.  You can keep them in the fridge for a few days (and allegedly you can freeze them, though I’ve never tried)….or use them to make my ultimate fool proof meringues. 
best chocolate recipesNext melt the chocolate and butter gently  (I like to melt using the microwave on low. But use whatever method suits you best).  I tend to break the chocolate up into small pieces, and melt for bursts of 30-60 seconds, stirring frequently.  When the chocolate is about 70% melted, I add the butter.  The residual heat from the melted chocolate melts the butter and remaining chocolate pieces without over heating it.Chocolate pudding Return to the micro wave if you need to until the butter and chocolate are completely melted.  If you don’t have a microwave, use a bain marie.  Set aside the chocolate butter mix to cool slightly.IMG_0056 While the chocolate is cooling, whisk the whole eggs in a bowl until light and fluffy.  Add the additional egg yolks, sugar and whisk further.IMG_0060 Add the cooled chocolate and butter to the mix.IMG_0063Finally add the sifted flour and combe gently.IMG_0069 If you can resist the temptation to just scoop the mixture directly from the bowl,  I find the easiest way to fill the pots so they are all the same, and I don’t make a huge mess, is to decant the mixture into a jug for pouring.  I then fill the pots on a set of scales, obviously stopping when I get to the weight I want.  For these I filled 90g, as that was perfect for the size of my pots. IMG_0072 Once all are filled, leave in the fridge until ready to serve.  They should be refrigerated for at least 3-4 hours.

When you are ready to serve, Heat your oven to 180C and place the tray in the oven.

After 12 minutes take them out, and leave them to stand for at least 5 minutes.  they will keep their heat, but this will give them a chance to firm up without danger of cooking the inside…

Don’t be tempted to miss out this resting step.  The cakes are quite fragile at this stage – whenever I’ve rushed them (read too drunk) they have punctured over the plate.  Still as delicious, but they don’t look as fabulous, and guests don’t get the nice surprise of the fudge inside oozing out when they put their spoon in.

Serve with a scoop of ice cream and a few berries.

Molten Chocolate pudding
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DianaThe ultimate molten chocolate pudding