Bumblebee Softie Tutorial. Sew at home project with instructions.

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Bumblebee Softie Tutorial At the beginning of the summer, we made this bumblebee softie.  A while back my friend Trixi asked me to take part in an international sewing day to get children around the world sewing via tutorials and hands-on workshops.  Abbi and I made these cute bacon and egg softies as part of the project.  It was great fun … Read More

DianaBumblebee Softie Tutorial. Sew at home project with instructions.

Sew A Softie Day 2016: Bacon and Eggs

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Sew A Softie Day 2016 I was asked by my friend Trixi at ColouredButtons to take part in the Sew a Softie Day project.  She has enlisted the help of over 20 bloggers, crafters and makers around the world to create tutorials for simple sewing projects that will be posted between 1st and 16th July this year. Trixi is encouraging … Read More

DianaSew A Softie Day 2016: Bacon and Eggs

Hoodie Cushion

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Hoodie Cushion

Hoodie Cushion Hoodies and t-shirts now seem to be an essential part of any school trip or event. Unfortunately if you have a bean pole daughter like mine, you outgrow them only 5 minutes after you’ve been given them.  This was Abbis leavers hoodie from school. She left school in July.  This picture was taken early September. 😟 The back … Read More

DianaHoodie Cushion

Felt and Appliqué Christmas Stockings

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I made these Christmas Stockings around 5 years ago (before I created this blog).  But they are still going strong, and get pulled out every year.  I don’t have any photos of during the make, but they are so easy, I thought Id share, and just talk through the process. Materials needed: Felting material (or other robust fabric) Scraps of … Read More

DianaFelt and Appliqué Christmas Stockings

Recycled Art – Skull Made From Buttons

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Recycled Art - Skull Made From Buttons

Recycled Art – Skull Made From Buttons A couple of years back, I became obsessed with making art from recycled odds and sods.  Also I became quite obsessed with skulls and such like.  Ok yes I may have a bit of an obsessive temperament.  The perfect solution: make a skull made from buttons as a large wall art.  As you … Read More

DianaRecycled Art – Skull Made From Buttons