Sanchez Moustache. The Font You Didn’t Know You Needed.

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Sanchez Moustache. The font you didn't know you needed.

Sanchez Moustache. The Font You Didn’t Know You Needed As you may be aware, its Movember.  Many of my children’s teachers have shunned the razor for the month….some with more success than others. Some are looking downright creeepy…but its all for a good cause.  Anyone you know struggling to impress with their facial grooming?  Send them a little note of … Read More

DianaSanchez Moustache. The Font You Didn’t Know You Needed.

Movember Mens Health Awareness

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Movember Mens Health Awareness Its that time of year again.  November.  Or to give its new title Movember. Read all about the amazing work that these guys do over at Movember UK.   Support them with a donation……or get growing that facial hair loveliness. Over the last few years many friends, colleagues and teachers have grown a tache for charity.  As well … Read More

DianaMovember Mens Health Awareness

Hand Lettering Madcap schemes and nefarious plans….

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Hand Lettering Madcap schemes and nefarious plans

Hand Lettering Madcap schemes and Nefarious Plans…. I’m a huge fan of hand lettering projects. I also love pinterest as much as the next person, but sometime you cant beat a scribbled note to jot down ideas as and when they come to you. Left over from my wedding, I have about 8 of these craft paper notebooks (they served as table … Read More

DianaHand Lettering Madcap schemes and nefarious plans….

Sleep is Overrated

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Sleep is Overrated

Sleep is Overrated Photos like this just shouldn’t be allowed.  I mean baby and sleeping puppies.  Are you kidding me? Too cute.  A friend of mine is having a hard time with not sleeping just now.  My excuse is that this will cheer her up. Sleep is overrated right?  Apologies to those with a low nausea threshold, but this is … Read More

DianaSleep is Overrated

Neon Party Flyer

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Neon Party Flyer

Neon Party Flyer Anyone whose spent more than about 5 minutes on this blog will know I am partial to a bit of Neon. I’m also a huge huge fan of fonts.  Is there a word for someone who collects fonts? (note Mr PSGC has suggested “saddo”, but I cant print what I have replied to this). I love the … Read More

DianaNeon Party Flyer