Jodhpur with Kids


Jodhpur with kids

Jodhpur with Kids After Mihir Garh we drove a couple of hours to Johdpur:  The second largest city in Rajasthan, its referred to as the Blue City because of the characteristic indigo paint the houses are all painted. We stayed in the Raas, a boutique hotel directly under the shadow of the fort that dominates the city.  The hotel is … Read More

DianaJodhpur with Kids

Rajasthan with Kids


Rajasthan with kids

Rajasthan with Kids Ranakpur Half way between Udaipur and Johdpur is Ranakpur, the largest Jain temple in Rajasthan.  A beautiful marble structure inside and out, but still very much a working temple.  Its not much of a detour from the main route, so worth a stop for an hour or so. Construction of this temple is very much part of its … Read More

DianaRajasthan with Kids

Udaipur with Kids


Udaipur with kids

Udaipur with Kids The next stop on our itinerary was Udaipur.  We flew from Mumbai, and stayed here for 3 nights. Udaipur is famous for artificial lakes and lavish palaces.  The most famous Lake being Lake Pichola  – overlooked by the equally famous and imposing City Palace. The spectacular Taj Palace hotel is also located in the middle of this Lake. … Read More

DianaUdaipur with Kids

Mumbai with Kids


Mumbai with Kids This post Mumbai with Kids is part 1 of our India Itinerary . Mumbai was our first point of entry to India. We arrived around midnight and checked into our hotel.  We were here for 3 nights. The Dhobi Ghat Up early the next day, one of the first places we visited was the Dhobi Ghat.  If you have … Read More

DianaMumbai with Kids

India with Kids


India with kids

India with Kids I don’t usually blog our travel plans.  This year our summer trip to India was such a hit that I need to shout about it from the roof tops.  If anyone is sitting on the fence about travelling to India with kids:  Hopefully this will give you a giant shove in that direction. On a whim over the … Read More

DianaIndia with Kids