Halloween Food Ghostly Quesadillas

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Ideas for halloween food

Halloween Food Ghostly Quesadillas Halloween food!  Its that time of year again, when my kids indulge my desire to theme all foods around the house.  (They are especially indulgent if that themed food happens to be chocolate!) Unlucky today kids. – No chocolate.  Lunch is Ghostly Quesadillas. Tortillas are the perfect vehicle for some halloween shapery, because they are so easy … Read More

DianaHalloween Food Ghostly Quesadillas

4 Hour Beef Bourguignon

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Best Beef Bourguignon

4 Hour Beef Bourguignon Beef bourguignon is one of our all time family favourites.  The beauty of this dish is that the flavour comes from the slow cook – which you can do on a very low heat in the oven, or in a slow cooker.  Its almost impossible not to make this delicious. If you have the time, it … Read More

Diana4 Hour Beef Bourguignon

Make Your Own Breadcrumbs

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Make Your Own Breadcrumbs

Make Your Own Breadcrumbs As well as being economical, it is so easy to make your own breadcrumbs.  The best crumbs are made from 1 or 2 day old bread, often that will just be thrown out anyway, so this is a great way to avoid throwing out food. Breadcrumbs can be either soft (fresh) or if you want them … Read More

DianaMake Your Own Breadcrumbs

Blue Cheese Mushrooms on Toast

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Blue Cheese Mushrooms

Blue Cheese Mushrooms on Toast Cheese on toast gets a little twist with this blue cheese mushrooms on toast recipe.  Fridge to plate in less than 20 mins. Ingredients: Per person 50g Blue cheese  St Agur is good,  but use your favourite, or what you have in the fridge! 70g sliced button or chestnut mushrooms 50g cream cheese small knob … Read More

DianaBlue Cheese Mushrooms on Toast

Lemon Thyme Carrots – Couscous and Feta

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Roasted Carrots with Feta and Couscous

Lemon Thyme Carrots with Couscous and Feta This recipe for couscous with roasted carrotsand feta is a great crowd pleaser when feeding a large number.  Delicious served at room temperature, it doesn’t require any reheating. Ingredients 250g Carrots peeled 20 or so sprigs of Lemon Thyme The juice of 2 freshly squeezed lemons Drizzle of Olive oil 200g Couscous 350ml  Chicken stock 100g … Read More

DianaLemon Thyme Carrots – Couscous and Feta