Hand Made Gold Jam Jar Glasses

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Gold Jam Jar Glasses

Hand Made Gold Jam Jar Glasses This year, it was our turn to host the New Years Eve party.  Over the last few year we have crept up in numbers to 24:  5 families, with 10 adults and 14 children between us. The adults will be eating in the dining room, while the kids will be having pizza and garlic … Read More

DianaHand Made Gold Jam Jar Glasses

Recycling Ideas. Tin cans transformed into serving dishes.

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Recycling Ideas. Tin cans transformed into serving dishes. According to Mr PSGC, recycling tin cans into serving dishes is evidence that I have finally lost my marbles!   (but that would mean that I once had marbles).  I will admit, this craft is really just for people with far too much time on their hands.  Crafters anonymous anyone? We threw a dinner … Read More

DianaRecycling Ideas. Tin cans transformed into serving dishes.

Halloween Food Ghostly Quesadillas

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Ideas for halloween food

Halloween Food Ghostly Quesadillas Halloween food!  Its that time of year again, when my kids indulge my desire to theme all foods around the house.  (They are especially indulgent if that themed food happens to be chocolate!) Unlucky today kids. – No chocolate.  Lunch is Ghostly Quesadillas. Tortillas are the perfect vehicle for some halloween shapery, because they are so easy … Read More

DianaHalloween Food Ghostly Quesadillas

Popcorn – 4 Awesome Recipes

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popcorn recipes

Popcorn –  4 Awesome Recipes Autumn is well and truly here.   A great excuse to hibernate with some family movies on cold winter weekends.  We usually have a large bowl of popcorn on the go, so though we would try out a few alternatives to our usual half salty half sweet mix. The recipe to make basic popcorn is … Read More

DianaPopcorn – 4 Awesome Recipes

Smores Cake

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Smores marshmallow cake

Smores Cake This smokes cake is my kids new favourite pudding.  Although its not quick – It is so easy to make, and looks really impressive.  You could easily outsource the marshmallow placement to some willing helpers….but in that case buy twice as many marshmallows! Ingredients 170g Mini marshmallows (ideally all white) – add more to allow for theft! Iced … Read More

DianaSmores Cake