Happy Birthday To Me. 1 Year Boligiversary

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to PaintSewGlueChew!  Its our 1 Year Boligiversary. Hurray.  We did it!  Today, 27th November is the first anniversary since Paint Sew Glue Chew first published a post. In honour of the event, we’ve made our own little hand drawn birthday card, and will be raising a glass or two of something chilled and fizzy.   I have learned a … Read More

DianaHappy Birthday To Me. 1 Year Boligiversary

Sophisticated Cake Decorating Party

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Sophisticated Cake Decorating Party

Sophisticated Kids Cake Decorating Party For her 9th birthday, Abbi wanted a sophisticated kids cake decorating party.  We checked out a local bakery,  but unfortunately they couldn’t accommodate our numbers.  Aargh.  Lots of neon; decorating cakes; a piñata (essential); and a donut tree were all on the “brief”.  Oh and also can you do a decorating demonstration please mum.   … Read More

DianaSophisticated Cake Decorating Party

T-shirts Decorated With Puffy Paint

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Puffy Paint T-shirt

T-shirts Decorated With Puffy Paint For Abbis 9th birthday, we did a cake decorating party.  I kew the girls would be very messy “hands on” so I looked into buying aprons that we could decorate as their going away gift.  I couldn’t find any in budget, and didn’t have time to make any, so instead we bought black t-shirts, and … Read More

DianaT-shirts Decorated With Puffy Paint

Make Your Own Cake To Jump Out Of

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Make Your Own Cake To Jump Out Of

Jump Out Of a Cake Ta Da! Havent you always wanted to jump out of a cake?   Maybe its just me then. Its Mr PSGCs birthday at the end of January.  Usually we do a party (or parties), but this year our oldest has had horrendous 11+ exams through christmas, and interviews in January for secondary school.  I cant believe … Read More

DianaMake Your Own Cake To Jump Out Of