Easy Halloween Decorations

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Easy Halloween Decorations

Easy Halloween Decorations Halloween is one of the kids favourite holidays.  And why wouldn’t it be? With the opportunity to run around the neighbourhood unsupervised, demanding sweets with menaces!  The holiday has really taken off in the UK in the past 5 years.  It used to be enough to plonk a pumpkin outside your front door for a few hours.  Not any … Read More

DianaEasy Halloween Decorations

Creepy Twins Halloween Costume

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Creepy Twins Halloween Costume

Creepy Twins Halloween Costume We love Halloween. Abbi because she can dress up and run around the neighbourhood demanding sweets with menaces.  Me because I have an excuse to make random items, and un necessary random crafts.  Everyones happy. We were feeling a little under pressure this year to make a great halloween costume – last years headless halloween costume … Read More

DianaCreepy Twins Halloween Costume

Halloween Food Ghostly Quesadillas

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Ideas for halloween food

Halloween Food Ghostly Quesadillas Halloween food!  Its that time of year again, when my kids indulge my desire to theme all foods around the house.  (They are especially indulgent if that themed food happens to be chocolate!) Unlucky today kids. – No chocolate.  Lunch is Ghostly Quesadillas. Tortillas are the perfect vehicle for some halloween shapery, because they are so easy … Read More

DianaHalloween Food Ghostly Quesadillas

Halloween Breakfast – Mummified Boiled Eggs and Skull Toast

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Halloween Breakfast - Mummified Boiled Eggs and Skull Toast

Halloween Breakfast  – Mummified Boiled Eggs and Skull Toast My mummification craze continues….this morning for a halloween breakfast, I mummified a boiled egg. Firstly, I soft boiled an egg, before wrapping him in masking tape and adding some cute eyes. I mummified the egg cup too, as my polka dot egg cup wasn’t feelin’ too halloweeny.  The egg looks more … Read More

DianaHalloween Breakfast – Mummified Boiled Eggs and Skull Toast

Mason Jar Mummies

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Mason Jar Mummies

Mason Jar Mummies We often spend Halloween at our house in the Cotswolds.  Everyone there does the trick or treating on the last Saturday of October, regardless of when the 31st falls, as often the kids are away, back at school by then.  The trick or treating has been down, and the haul of sweets consumed, but we are still … Read More

DianaMason Jar Mummies