Hand Made Gift Wrap – Easy 5 minute Craft

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Hand Made Gift Wrap

Hand Made Gift Wrap – Easy 5 minute Craft This gift wrap is so cheap and easy – it takes less time to make than it would be to jump in the car and run to the shop.  The added benefit is it can be done in any colour way, for only a few pence per sheet.  This haul of … Read More

DianaHand Made Gift Wrap – Easy 5 minute Craft

Printable gift wrap using photos

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Printable Gift Wrap A number of Abbis friends had birthdays just before the end of summer term, and the girls were all going their own separate ways after the holidays.  Abbi has had so many memories with these girls (and nothing happens in our house without me whipping out the camera!)  – so I thought it would be nice to … Read More

DianaPrintable gift wrap using photos

Ombre Gift Tags

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Ombre Gift Tags Last year we made an ombre cake for easter.  We also made DIY ombre cake toppers to jazz it up.   Details about those projects are here. As a thrifty Scot, I don’t like to throw anything away……so the left over card was recycled into ombre gift tags for one of Abbis friends birthdays. This is literally … Read More

DianaOmbre Gift Tags

Gift Wrap Ideas (3): Washi Tape Gift Wrap

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Washi tape gift wrap ideas

Gift Wrap Ideas (3): Washi Tape Gift Wrap Today is the third day of my 12 days of Christmas Gift Wrap ideas: Washi Tape There can’t be many people who don’t know what Washi tape is by now.  But just in case:  Washi is a paper tape made from rice paper.  It is easy to tear, stick and reposition.  It comes … Read More

DianaGift Wrap Ideas (3): Washi Tape Gift Wrap