Art made from moustache vectors on a wall

Moustache Wall Art for Movember

November Inspired Moustache Wall Art DIY

The trend for moustaches is everywhere now….and although I think its pretty much overdone, I am still partial to the odd handmade “tache” graphic.  Though definitely not to the the real scratchy item.

I’m a huge fan of Movember.  The Movember charity champions mens health awareness. In particular testicular and prostate cancer. The team there have come up with a fantastic and easy way for people to raise funds, (and a few smiles).    A number of teachers in my kids school have embraced the tache growing ethic.  They get more flamboyant every year.  This year my daughter made her teacher a Movember badge to support him.

While she was making badges, I made this November inspired wall art.

Red canvas on a brick wall with little moustaches in the shape of a large moustache

Materials needed:

  • Canvas ready stretched (or large piece of paper thick enough to paint on)
  • Paper for template & Masking tape
  • Background paint colour
  • Blackboard paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil


This was (unsurprisingly) very simple to make.

First I painted a red background on to a ready stretched frame.  Next, I cut out an approximate moustache shape from a large piece of paper  (my daughter tells me it looks more like lips), and taped it onto the canvas to give me a template to work within.  I then sketched a variety of moustache shapes in pencil, and filled them in with blackboard paint. There are loads of moustache shapes available to copy on the internet.

The kids chose their favourite shapes and had a go at filling in some of the shapes.

You could use this same technique for lots of shapes – lips, glasses, or have shapes of their favourite things spell out your child’s initials.

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