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Welcome to PaintSewGlueChew

My first ever blog post!

I’m Diana, and am mother to two (sometimes) lovely children, living with my long suffering, and very supportive husband. We split our time between London and the Cotswolds.  In 2003, I saw the light, and quit the miserable and crazy hours of corporate life to concentrate more time on being a mother.  And to not sit at at a desk all day (spending 12 hours on pinterest apparently doesn’t count).

I now do as little work as I can possibly get away with.  A lot of my time is taking with general mum things, and organising our busy family. In my spare time, I will be found knee deep in some form of making frenzy, that usually takes over the whole house.

A few years ago I took an art class at a local art college, and realised sadly, that I am not very good at painting or drawing.  Never one to let talent get in the way of enthusiasm,  I have turned my attention towards all sorts of making and crafting.  Ideally of the low skill variety.

Why am I blogging ?

I have been “making stuff” for 20 years.  During this time I’ve made a LOT of STUFF…I mean a LOT.  I wanted a record for myself of all the things I make, admire or covet. And especially the things I make with my kids. PaintSewGlueChew is my new place to do that.

I also love reading other blogs for inspiration.  The projects I make are really easy – If I can do them anyone can.  Hopefully some of my posts will inspire someone else, and if they do, I would love to hear from you.

Get in touch via email  (diana.keith@btconnect), or tag me / say hello in one of my social media platforms:

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Finally don’t forget to share anything you like with your friends.

Diana xx

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