Homemade Snowman Cakes

How To Make Easy Snowman Cakes

How To Make Easy Snowman Cakes

These Easy Snowman Cakes are never going to win any beauty contests, but they were so easy for my daughter and her friends to make and decorate.  Apologies for the photo quality too.
How To Make Easy Snowman Cakes


For the body, we used:
A cake mould and a standard batch of vanilla cake mix  Annabel Karmels
(we use  Annabel karmels easy cupcake recipe)

To decorate, we used:

  • Icing sugar and water to ice
  • White marshmallows
  • Rolos for the hat (and a couple of minstrels when we ran out);
  • Strawberry laces for the scarf
  • Orange tic tacs for the nose
  • Black icing for eyes, buttons and mouth.


To make the bodies, we used this silicone muffin mould  found by Abbi in Ikea.

Mini bundt tin for snowman cakes
Stupidly, I didnt put any grease or spray in side, so they all stuck a bit coming out.  Ours are snowmen that have been round the block a little !…the hobo of snowmen.
How To Make Easy Snowman Cakes

My kids dont like buttercream  (except when made by my friend Erin), so we used icing sugar with a few drops of water, and drizzled this over the cake.  The icing needs to be runny enough to move, but thick enough to stick to the cake.decorating Snowman Cakes
Yikes.  These photos are not the best, but you get the idea.  Add the decorations……And voila….some slightly wonky snowmen.Easy Snowman CakesAdmiring their handiwork….before scoffing the lot.How To Make Easy Snowman Cakes


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