Tin Can Organiser Craft

Tin Can Organiser Craft

Tin Can Organiser Craft

I blogged a week or so back about a charity stall my daughter and her friend did at school.  As well as tin cans tea light holders they made these Tin Can Organisers.  They are easy, cheap (free) and quick.  The perfect craft.
Tin Can Organiser Craft

Materials Needed:

  • Tin Cans (washed).  For this craft, you need the tin cans with pull off/ring pull tops. A can opener edge is too sharp, and may be dangerous.
  • Paint
  • Wrapping paper, or wall paper scraps
  • Double sided tape
  • Contact paper (optional)


First crimp the inside of the edges of the can with pliers, to remove any sharp edges.
Paint the inside of the can.  you will probably need two coats.  Some of our tin cans had a waxy white interior.  We didn’t bother to paint them, as it was already a nice enough finish.  When the cans are dry, wrap them in your chosen paper.  I always steal help myself to a few free wallpaper samples when I’m in the hardware shop.  Off cuts of gift wrap and even pages of magazines would work well too.

Measure the tin height and circumference (add an inch to the latter) and cut a rectangle this shape from the paper.  Double sided tape on each short edge, et voila….Orla Kiely stylie tins for our charity stall.  An optional extra, is to place the contact paper (or sticky backed plastic to those of us from the Blue Peter era), over your chosen paper.  This is optional, but we felt it added a slight “quality” feel to our creations.A final flourish with homemade gift tags and some twine, and these bad boys are ready for market.Tin Can Organiser CraftMy daughter has really got into the whole shop branding experience.  She designed her own logo (drew a picture, and I scanned in to the computer).

Tin Can Organiser Craft

Finally to add to our inventory, we made some badges……Handmade Festive Christmas Badges or Buttons for saleWe threw in some pictures of cute animals in santa hats.  Apparently 8 year old girls are suckers for baby animals!  However we didn’t actually make any money from these, as Abbi gave them all away to her friends!

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