Heart shaped egg on toast

I Heart Eggs On Toast

I Heart Eggs On Toast

I love eggs on toast, and especially an egg with a really runny yolk.  I also like to make my food into heart (and star) shapes.  Call it an illness.   So helllloo.  Why wouldn’t you make runny fried eggs into these pretty shapes?  Follow these steps for the perfect runny yolk and heart shaped egg without fail.  Every single time.Heart shaped egg on toast

First, cut  a large heart shape from your bread.  Cut before you toast for nice sharp edges.heart shape in bread Toast the bread, and place in your frying pan.Heart toast Turn the heat up high, with a tiny spray of vegetable oil (or butter) in the base of the pan.  Not too much, as you don’t want to fry the bread, just stop the egg from sticking.  Separate the egg, and drop the white into the heart cavity.  Push down the edges of the bread to prevent any seepage.

The yolk can stay in the shell until you are ready to use.I Heart Eggs On ToastOnce the white is sold, place the yolk on top.  Depending upon how runny you like it, use the heat from the white toward / cook the yolk through.  I like very runny, so a minute or two is all I need.
egg in a hole toastServe for a loved one on valentines day, or just because.

Or even better, remove ALL children from the vicinity, pour a coffee, open the paper and indulge yourself.

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