Contact Paper Printing Easy DIY Wall Art

Contact Paper Printing Easy DIY Wall Art

Contact Paper Printing Easy DIY Wall Art

We have a holiday cottage, that has lots of white walls, that we will probably never get round to painting.  I wanted to put some colour in one of the bathrooms, without having to paint the walls.  This Contact Paper Easy DIY Wall Art adds a quick pop of colour.

The wall isn’t that big, and lets face it, nobody spends much time looking at the pictures in a bathroom, so this easy craft does the trick.

Contact Paper Printing Easy DIY Wall Art


Inspiration came from the amazing colours in this illustration by Darren Booth for a Steve Martin Novel.  He shares how he achieved this look here.


I will definitely make something similar to this in the future.

Materials Needed:

  • Canvas
  • Paint and paintbrush in your colour scheme
  • Printed message
  • Contact Paper
  • Masking Tape
  • Old magazines or newspaper
  • PVA glue
  • Craft knife


First choose a phrase and a font you like, printing out the words and making sure they fit on the canvas.Contact Paper Printing Easy DIY Wall ArtGlue pages of old magazines or brochures over the canvas.  Mine were glossy, and thick, which is ideal, as it stops them bubbling when glued down.Contact Paper Printing Easy DIY Wall ArtI spent loads of time working on the best layout, but it really didn’t matter, as its largely obscured by the paint.  Diversity of colour was definitely good though.  leave the canvas to dry fully.Contact Paper Printing Easy DIY Wall Art

Use masking tape to attach the printed paper words, to vinyl (or sticky back plastic for those in the Blue Peter generation) and cut out the letter shapes.

Peel off the backing paper of the vinyl, and place on top of the magazine pages.   Because the vinyl is clear, its difficult to see where the letters are placed.  Use masking tape to get a straight line, and mark their location in pencil.Contact Paper Printing Easy DIY Wall ArtOnce all the letters are down, paint all over the canvas in your chosen colour or colours.  I went for a mix of pink, red and white.  The print and pictures from the magazines should show through to add some contrast.  Once the paint is dry, peel off the letters for the big reveal.  This park is ridiculously satisfying.  Once the vinyl is removed, the magazine print will be shown in the space.Contact Paper Printing Easy DIY Wall ArtThe colours that show through are obviously dependent upon the base layers you use.  Once all the letters have been exposed, the magazine pages are quite obvious.  To get a  more impressionist effect, paint a rough wash of white and/or silver acrylic paint to dull down the lettering.  Contact Paper Printing Easy DIY Wall Art

Et voila.  My easy Diy wall art in situ.Contact Paper Printing Easy DIY Wall Art

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