Sharpie Decorated Eggs

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Sharpie Decorated Eggs

Sharpie Decorated Eggs

Abbi and I recently made these sharpie decorated eggs.  I know opinions are divided on this, but I like to keep my eggs out of the fridge.  They currently sit in a bowl beside the hob, but its a narrow space, so they constantly threaten to fall out.

For my birthday, Mr PSGC and the kids got me a wooden egg tray.  Some people would club their husband over the head for such a birthday present.  Not me.  It maybe says too much about me that I was thrilled with this present.Sharpie Decorated EggsMy lovely white eggs looked very stylish….but a bit naked.  Sharpie Decorated Eggs

Eggs are like little round hairless heads just crying out for cute little faces.  Here are my favourite sharpie decorated eggs:Sharpie Decorated Eggs Sharpie Decorated EggsJamie had other ideas for the egg tray…..Sharpie Decorated Eggs And is it just me, but are creme eggs much smaller than when we were kids?Sharpie Decorated Eggs
DianaSharpie Decorated Eggs

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