Pretty Outdoor Weatherproof Bunting DIY

Pretty Outdoor Weatherproof Bunting DIY

Pretty Outdoor Weatherproof Bunting DIY

This Pretty outdoor weatherproof bunting is perfect for wet English weather all year round.  Abbis birthday is early in March. She was very keen to have her party outside.  The garden looks woefully stark just now, so we made some bunting with wallpaper samples and a laminator, to make it look a little prettier.  Pretty Outdoor Weatherproof Bunting DIY

No rain on the day of the party, but it was freezing cold, though that didn’t stop the girls playing outside.

Materials needed:

  • Paper scraps  – off cuts of wallpaper and wrapping paper work well.
  • Laminating sheets and laminator
  • Scissors – Standard & scallop edged
  • Hole punch
  • String


I love a bit of bunting….I like the idea that “to bunt” is a verb…..however I digress.

First cut triangles all approximately the same size in re coloured papers.  My triangles are around 10cm wide, and 18cm deep. I gather free wallpaper samples whenever I visit the hardware store. Gift wrap also work well, and is a great way to use up ends of rolls.  Use scalloped edge scissors if you have them, or standard scissors if not.

Place as many triangles as you can in the laminating sheet (around 3-4 for mine), and run them through a laminating machine.  Cut out the individual triangles, leaving a small border of the clear laminating plastic.
Pretty Outdoor Weatherproof Bunting DIY Use a hole punch to punch two holes in the top, and string the triangles into a line in a random pattern.Pretty Outdoor Weatherproof Bunting DIYIm not sure I would want any of these patterns on a whole wall, but aren’t they pretty as bunting.Pretty Outdoor Weatherproof Bunting DIY Perfect to withstand the British weather.Pretty Outdoor Weatherproof Bunting DIY

When I first made this pretty outdoor weatherproof bunting,  I strung the triangles individually on a line. Unless they are flat against a wall however, it means one of the sides of the bunting is plain paper, which isn’t very pretty.

There are a few things you can do to get round this:

  1. String the triangles back to back (I’ve redone mine like this, and its how they are above). This results in half the length however.
  2. Cut the paper two sheets deep back to back,  and secure them with a tiny piece of double sided tape before placing through the laminator.
  3. Commission your children to paint, draw, stamp etc on the back sheets to make them a little prettier.  (You could actually do the fronts like this too)

Fingers crossed it’s a fabulous sunny summer.  But if its not, this bunting will have you well prepared for any weather!


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