Sophisticated Cake Decorating Party

Sophisticated Cake Decorating Party

Sophisticated Kids Cake Decorating Party

For her 9th birthday, Abbi wanted a sophisticated kids cake decorating party.  We checked out a local bakery,  but unfortunately they couldn’t accommodate our numbers.  Aargh.  Lots of neon; decorating cakes; a piñata (essential); and a donut tree were all on the “brief”.  Oh and also can you do a decorating demonstration please mum.   Uh Abbi –  have you seen my cake decorating?Sophisticated Cake Decorating Party

Invites Issued:

Check.Sophisticated Cake Decorating Party

Decorations up.

Check.  The star garlands are super easy to make.Sophisticated Cake Decorating Party

Literally hundred of cakes ready

Check.beautiful cakes on a cake stand

Icing ready


I made up a large vat of icing sugar and water icing (no idea what its called in official cake parlance), in a variety of lurid colours.  Its usually the only icing my kids will eat.  Sorry – No organic free from additives colours here.  We used a selection of headache inducing colours.

Actually we wanted them to be more vivid, but even I drew the line at more Dr Oetkers poisons potions.icing station

Decoration Station Ready

Check.  Before the girls arrived I set up a table with icing, sprinkles and other doo-das that can be stuck in a cake.  the little cocktail umbrellas and heart picks were very popular.Sophisticated Cake Decorating Party

Work Stations Ready

Each girl got a plate (to transport their creations home), with their name written in icing pen, and a t-shirt that we made to protect their clothes.  The plates were £1 each from ikea.  The t-shirts we made ourselves.  You can see how here.Sophisticated Cake Decorating PartySo.  All set up ready to go.9-kids-cake-decorating-party

Lets Get This Party Started

First the girls just chilled in the garden as they waited for everyone to arrive.  We had 12 girls in total. They’ll put their t-shirts on straight away. As is the way with any gathering of 9 year old girls, they spend at least gymnastic-ing, and 25% of their time on their hands.Sophisticated Cake Decorating PartyMy lovely friend Rachel came to help.  2 of her 4 children were there…though Sacha the baby perhaps a little too small to decorate this time.Sophisticated Cake Decorating Party

And Let The Decorating Commence:

Abbi wanted to be taught how to decorate something, so I demonstrated a bunny on green grass with a carrot, step by step, and the girls copied as we went along.  I am the last person that should be demonstrating icing, but in the land of the blind and all that.  We gave each guest a plate containing the colours they would need for this pre measured.

The green icing I squeezed through a garlic press to give a grassy effect (though mine is awful).  The girls did a much better job.Sophisticated Cake Decorating PartyOnce we had done the demo, it was time to give the girls free reign.Sophisticated Cake Decorating Party

I was amazed and surprised how focussed the girls were concentrating on their creations.  And very creative.  I had expected much of the cake and the topping to be eaten as we went along, but there was very little nibbling…they were concentrating so hard.Sophisticated Cake Decorating Party

Sophisticated Cake Decorating PartySophisticated Cake Decorating PartyAnd dont you love a girl who coordinates her icing to her other accessories!Sophisticated Cake Decorating PartyProudly showing off their creations.Sophisticated Cake Decorating Party Sophisticated Cake Decorating PartyAs well as the cake decorating, the girls had a donut tree, played party games, and had a piñata.  I was very keen to make a cake shaped piñata, but Abbi wouldnt allow me……had to be a traditional donkey. If you want to see how to make a piñata, check out here.  
While the girls were pinata-ing, we wrapped their plates in florists cellophane.  Its  amazing how wonderful it makes everything look.Sophisticated Cake Decorating PartySophisticated Cake Decorating PartySophisticated Cake Decorating PartySophisticated Cake Decorating Party

The After Party

After the party ended, some friends popped round to help us eat some of the remaining cakes from the cake decorating party, and wish Abbi Happy Birthday.  Jessie just deciding which of Abbis creations she should risk.Sophisticated Cake Decorating PartyAnd as if we didn’t have enough cake… Sophisticated Cake Decorating PartySophisticated Cake Decorating PartyFinally, we can get rid of our giant cardboard cake……Sophisticated Cake Decorating Party

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