Puffy Paint T-shirt

T-shirts Decorated With Puffy Paint

T-shirts Decorated With Puffy Paint

For Abbis 9th birthday, we did a cake decorating party.  I kew the girls would be very messy “hands on” so I looked into buying aprons that we could decorate as their going away gift.  I couldn’t find any in budget, and didn’t have time to make any, so instead we bought black t-shirts, and personalised them with puffy paint.

Puffy Paint on a t-shirt

To be honest, I was surprised how simple and effective they were.

Materials needed:

  • Black T-shirts
  • Puffy Paint

The black t-shirts we used were from the internet at £1.25 each.    We then just added puffy paint in a variety of neon colours (including 1 glow in the dark).

Puffy Paint

They were so easy and cheap, but very effective.  Usually when we decorate T-shirts or other lighter fabric, we draw the design on paper first and put it inside the t-shirt.  Provided the design is dark enough, it shines through giving you a template to work with.  These t-shirt are too dark to do that.  If you are unsure about placement, or you have an intricate design,  write the name or design in chalk, or white fabric pencils first.  These will both come out in the wash.

For these t-shirts, the designs are so simple, I didn’t bother, and just drew straight on.  To make sure I got the spacings correct for each name, I wrote them out on A4  (approx the width of the t-shirt).  I then just used these spacings, and the edge of the paper to keep a straight(ish) line.T-shirts Decorated With Puffy Paint T-shirts Decorated With Puffy Paint

T-shirts Decorated With Puffy Paint T-shirts Decorated With Puffy PaintT-shirts Decorated With Puffy PaintPuffy Paint on t shirts

We used them to mark where the girls were sitting at the party.Puffy Paint ideas Puffy Paint place settingsThe girls put them on as soon as they arrived. kids wearing Puffy Paint t-shirts

They were great to stop any food colouring dye spoiling their clothes.  Much needed:

Puffy Paint T-shirtThey all looked gorgeous.  I was so busy organising them that forgot to get a group shot, but here are some of the girls modeling the t-shirts.
Puffy Paint  on black T-shirt

More details of the party and what we did can be found here.

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    1. Hi Jenny. This isnt a specific font, I just did simple writing freehand so they all look the same. If you do on white t-shirts, you could print out your work on paper, and put under the t-shirt. The words will shine through and you can write on top. Hope this helps.

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