Ta Da Easy Art Work

Ta Da Easy Art Work

Ta Da Easy Art Work

This Ta Da easy art work was an alternative to the magazine base I used in my “I think you may be my favourite” wall art.  Again I was looking to fill a space in the bathroom with bit of colour.   This version is even easier.  Instead of glueing the magazines down, paint random patterns on the canvas.

Super duper easy.
Ta Da Easy Art Work

Materials Needed:

  • Canvas
  • Paint in a variety of colours
  • Contact Paper / sticky vinyl
  • Print out of the the word or phrase on standard printer paper
  • Masking tape.


Paint the canvas in abstract pattern using whatever colours of acrylic paint you prefer.   While its drying, select  words, and a font, printing it onto a sheet of paper.  Stick the contact paper to this printout, cutting out the letters and shapes with a craft knife.

Remove the backing from the contact paper, and stick in place on the painted canvas. Brush a light coat of paint as  a top layer, allowing some of the bottom colour to show through.  I used old house paint for this.

Once dry, peel off the contact paper, the abstract painted pattern will be visible in the space left by the vinyl letters.  Ta Da Easy Art Work


Customised this method for any shape, word or phrase – perfectt for a kids name in a nursery, favourite song lyrics, or shapes. No artistic ability required, other than cutting, and holding a paint brush.

Ta Da Easy Art Work Ta Da Easy Art Work

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